About Us

The story of the Winnien brand began in 2021, when our founder Emily Anderson had a dream to provide a new shopping experience for fashion lovers worldwide. This dream has driven us to where we are today, becoming an online retailer focusing on fast fashion women's clothing. Our headquarters are in California, USA, which is the home of our founders and the inspiration for our brand.

Since establishing the brand, we have been paying close attention to the development of fashion trends. Our design team consists of talented designers and experienced tailors, and strict quality control ensures that each garment can meet the needs of every fashionable woman. We believe every woman has perfect curves and our designs are inspired by those curves.

In the development stage of the brand, we entered the e-commerce website in September 2023. This is an important milestone that allows us to establish closer connections with customers worldwide. We will make unremitting efforts to provide better and faster online shopping services to meet customer needs. Our warehouses are located in the United States, Germany, and Shanghai, which allows us to better meet the needs of customers around the world. Especially under the impact of COVID-19, we will arrange suitable warehouses for customers to deliver according to the situation to ensure that their shopping experience is not disrupted.

Our ultimate vision and goal is to continue to be a leader in the fashion industry, providing women with the latest, high-quality clothing so they can confidently and beautifully present themselves on any occasion. We believe that every woman should be able to enjoy fashion, and Winnien will always be committed to achieving this goal.

The Winnien brand represents not only fashion but also our strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Whether it is the story behind the brand or the design of each product, we pursue authenticity, quality, and focus. We're proud that we're not just a clothing retailer, but a partner that helps women achieve confidence and beauty. Thank you for choosing Winnien and creating beautiful fashion stories with us!